Let's talk about Sensitivity...


So let's get some things straight first,
Sensitivity is not a bad word, it happens to everyone and YES it makes you weak and at the same time strong. In fact I think it is the most ironic emotion human beings imbibe.

Why? Because its a label that is great to some while embarrassing to some and at times some how it manages to be both.

Sensitivity thoughts fiction writings
Well just imagine a super sensitive person and a not so sensitive one in one imaginary yet realistic situation. A dog is crying, making all kinds of noises, at night. The overly sensitive one will imagine how hurt the dog must be to cry so much, how his own life compares to the dog whose cries are neglected (Ya ya I know its melodramatic,in my defense I did mention earlier that this reaction belonged to the OVERLY SENSITIVE one). The not so sensitive one on the other hand will not care if its crying sound or its just the dog signing, he will probably get irritated of the noise. 
I am guessing the maximum of you will fall in the second category and label yourself NOT SO SENSITIVE, but wait there is more to this hoopla.

Now women in general are considered more sensitive than men, why? No one knows ! Some say its the motherly instinct, meaning that since a women is "blessed" with the gift of being a mother and giving birth, she IS sensitive even if she doesn't want to. So men are not sensitive because they can't give birth? The stereotypes are mind boggling. A sensitive man is almost a rare species, the one who feels and responds with feelings rather than a well crafted well thought machoness; though the times are changing for good and the number of so called "Metro-sexual" men is increasing and how. To think of it, the very idea of dissecting sensitivity based on sex sounds absurd to me, why can't we teach our men to cry when they feel like? to express out their good & bad emotional outbursts ? ( In my opinion even some ladies need to do this time & again, more). It's not like its going to result into an epidemic, sensitivity is the need of the hour.

Why do we even feel the need to mask our emotions when emotions are the very thing that distinguish us from other animals? So make sure you don't label someone as "Sensitive" purely based on their sex.

Some people get overly sensitive around fiction of all sorts, be it books, cinema or theatre; tears fall out and boom, there you have your OVERLY sensitive label. But why is it even funny? Since when did feeling emotions become overly out of fashion? Since when did feeling for a fellow human being become a catastrophe? I am not saying we all need to become Nirupa Roys of the millennium and begin to feel everything to our hearts, but we certainly need to learn to respect feelings.

Humans are sensitive, that's what humans are supposed to be; its not a weakness & its not a strength, its a fact. Never apologize for being sensitive nor expect someone to be apologetic about it, just let it be.

Don't try to "cure" sensitivity neither change it, until and unless it belongs to your own teeth ;) 

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