The Room...


I entered a room filled with crowd
A corner was filled with laughter without any question mark
Another was filled with silent cries and was scarily dark 

I leaned forward to see what lied in between 
Only to find a revolving door with a picture of Wolverine
The door was made up of clear screen glass

The ones who were laughing could see the crying ones
And the crying ones could easily see their smiles & funs
While I was still figuring out the mystery of this door
It revolved and along with it revolved the crowd & the floor

The laughing ones were now crying 
The crying ones were now smiling
I was astonished to see this change
I was mesmerised to see this exchange

On further enquiry I realised the crowd was part of a rat race
and this was their hiding space
While these two clans did not have the choice to be
Happy or Sad

I had all the choice to enter the corner I dared 
Why you say have I got this privilege ? 
Well  because I have followed my heart and 
rebelled against the rat race...

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