Bollywood's Most Iconic Characters - Mogambo from Mr. India


Sometimes some characters stay with you. Mr. India is one such movie. While Sridevi's portrayal of a struggling journalist was amazing and Anil Kapoor's rendition of a big hearted man was decent, what took everyone by surprise was Mogambo's character.

To start with, no one had heard the name Mogambo ever before, so there was newness and curiosity. The over the top costumes, the loud makeup and the shiny bald look, all helped the Late Amrish Puri to create a character which is still fresh in our minds.

"Mogambo Khush Hua" became such a hit that the dialogue stuck to him throughout his career. Released in the year 1987, the character of Mogambo was much more than the ordinary and yet had very little screen time. He was a baddie but he was charming, he was powerful yet he had a bit of funny ways of doing and saying things, but it never went into the caricature zone.

The movie revovles around him yet Mogamo has very less dialogues. Everyone in the movie is either running away with him or trying to pull him down. But Late Mr. Amrish Puri gave a performance so awesome that even those few minutes of presence on screen was enough. Mogambo was high on ambitions, he wanted to conquer India and the world, he was tactful in making plans and he was a good team leader. He literally has a army of men ready to give up their lives at the snap of his fingers.

It is said that a movie becomes a hit when there is a hero and a powerful anti-hero, and Mogambo was just that. Anil Kapoor's character could have fallen flat if Mogambo was not what he was, i.e. powerful and a crazy man. Mr. Javed Akhtar who wrote the dialogues for the movie did an amazing job as always by giving him his trademark line "Mogambo Khush Hua".

"Hail Mogambo...King of India" was one other famous dialogue from the movie.

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