Bollywood's 1983 Masoom - Decoded in 2015


So I happened to recently watch Shabana Azmi & Nasiruddin Shah's Masoom (1983) which is one of the bollywood's cult movies. To start with I will have to mention that I had never seen this movie before though I was in love with it's song "Lakdi Ki Kaathi" since forever.

While watching this classic directed by Shekhar Kapoor I realised why it is a classic, it is because it doesn't have a mere conflict in one world but the movie actually goes deep and explains three different worlds which are too close and have effect on each other's action.

The evergreen Shabana Azmi plays Indu Malhotra who is Nasiruddin Shah who playes D.K
Malhotra's wife. The movie showcases a perfect marriage, every feature of a perfect marriage which you can associate with a perfect marriage are given importance. Two cute girls, one of whom is Urmila Matondkar who made her debut as a child actor in this movie, a big house, a well earning husband who is an appreciated architect, a beautiful wife who keeps everything in order and is a good friend to everyone. In this perfect scenario , the second word that of Indu's friend Chanda is introduced. The character of Chanda is played by Tanuja, she is the influencer and very beautifully she represents the society which influences our actions.

D.K has a friend in Suri played by Saeed Jaffrey who time and again reminds D.K that he needs to have a son in order to enjoy the complete joys of watching your son grow. This was a very subtle reference to the then hugely prevalent in 1980's and even now is the basic mindset which is in the process of change. Admist all the perfectness , D.K is faced with the truth which even he was unaware of. He has a son from an affair he had forgotten about, or chosen to forgot about. The movie then has the best moments between the husband wife and the kids. The third world is then introduced here prominently which is the world of the kids. The scenes between the kids are really heart warmings and make you think a lot different than what Indu the wife is thinking. Both Chanda's world and the kids world end up affecting how Indu reacts to the whole situation. D.K's character on the other hand is shown going through a constant mental battle of accepting and rejecting the child which is conveyed aptly.

The movie is a must watch for anyone who is wanting to watch an amazing story without magnanimous sets and item songs. R.D Burman's Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (both male & female version) and Lakdee ki Kaathi will steal your heart and linger on your mind for a long time after watching the movie.

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